Blog # 7 SEO – Organic Listings

Organic listings are search engine results shown by engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo where each websites have their own ranks depending on the quality of the content of the pages and external recommendations.

There are three main areas for Organic Listing:

Key phrases help websites have better search engine position so through research and anaylsis, the key phrases have to be commonly used but can’t be very competitive.

Page Optimization involves improving your website content to get good organic listing on search engines. Once the keywords for the website have been set, the next step is designing the page content and the meta-tags to make it rich in popular keywords.

Inbound Links means the adequate amount of external web pages linking to you, where the number of links, and the source of these links can influence your organic listing for the targeted search keywords and phrases.

Organic Listings

To improve organic rankings there are many things to consider:

-Your site should contain useful and good quality content.
-Be aware of the competition by looking at their keywords used.
-Focus on what keywords you will use and make sure they are not highly competitive or rarely used.
-The site should be user and search engine friendly.
-Submit your site to the directories.

So what is the difference between organic listings and PPC? Organic listings are free search results on the left side of the page whereas pay per click are paid ads that are located right side of the page. From this, you have to think about what search engine listings do the audience prefer?

SEO Tips

According to a study provided by iProspect, “they saw that Google users preferred organic results 72% of the time and paid results 28% of the time. For Yahoo, the breakdown was 61% (organic) and 39% (paid). AOL had an even split: 50% organic and 50% paid. Microsoft users were inclined to click on organic listings 29% of the time and 71% with paid listings. All engines: 61% organic and 40% paid.”

To decide on which method of search listings you want to use, you must answer these questions:

“What are your search marketing goals? What are you trying to accomplish? What kind of budget do you have? What is your target audience actually doing when they’re searching? In other words, what behavior are you seeking to target in your search marketing campaign?”

Optimizing the Mix of Paid and Organic Listings

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