Blog # 9 Direct Response Marketing

“Direct response marketing is a form of marketing designed to solicit a direct response which is specific and quantifiable. The delivery of the response is direct between the viewer and the advertiser, that is, the customer responds to the marketer directly.” This form of advertisement is described by four main essentials which are a proposition, adequate information for the customer to decide whether to act, a specific “call to action” and methods for response.
What is Direct Response Marketing?

So why are more businesses spending huge amounts of money in their advertising budgets in direct response advertising? It’s because of four reasons:
1. lt’s effective.
2. It’s costs less than other forms of advertisements.
3. The ad can be tested to determine what works and doesnt work.
4. It can be measured for determining if the results were successful or not.
Why Direct Response Marketing?

The main purpose of direct response advertising is convince prospects that are considering buying your products to take the necessary action so in order to do that, there are 5 considerations you need for the direct response campaign:
1. Target Audience – These will be the people who are most likely going to purchase your products so you must select the people who are best, most profitable prospects that are suited for your offerings.
2. Message – Once you have your target market, you have to create a message that will deal with your target audience’s needs where it should include your unique proposal, the benefits and the reasons why your products are better and has the best value for their money.
3. Media – Depending on your target market, you must choose the most suitable media where you able to have more chances of reaching the highest portion of your target audience.
4. Offer – An enticing offer is the best way to get the best prospects to respond but the offer must address how it can respond to their needs.
5. Call to Action – This is where your potential customers can initiate action and take the offer and you can measure the responses to determine the effect of the advertisment. The fundamental to direct response advertising is to sell your best prospects an offer that they can’t refuse so that they are forced to take action.

Once you manage to concentrate the advertising on the ideal prospects you want to appeal to, offer them a persuasive proposition, and guide them on how to respond, direct response advertising is “less of a guessing game” but rather systematic because you can implement “the exact same ads with different headlines and test which gets a better response.”
Keys to a Successful Direct Response Marketing Campaign

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