Blog #3 Developing An Effective Web Presence

When it comes to developing an effective web presence, it is definitely not an easy thing to do so if you’re planning on building an website there are specific areas that you need to think about. “The first step in developing effective Web site content is to follow the golden rule of marketing communications: write for your audience. Your target audience will include some or all of the following five groups: customers, prospects, employees, partners and investors.” The main idea here is to keep the website simple and visually appealing, but at the same time user-friendly. “Jupiter Media Metrix recently found that U.S. consumers are more likely to revisit Web sites that are fast loading, customizable, and more informative than those offering rich media” so how fast the website loads up is important as well. Consider drawing a flowchart to map out the site when you’re deciding on how to design the website’s layout because the website’s navigation should be consistent; thus, neatness is crucial. One of the best way to be succesful is look at companies that have been successful on the web so “If 90% or more of the big sites do things in a single way, then this is a de facto standard and you have to comply.” Another important factor to consider is that studies show that “people read less efficiently on the Web, most likely due to the many options available with just the simple click of a mouse”; thus, keep website content appealing by keeping paragraphs short.
Basics to a Successful Web Presence

Here are five guidelines that will also assist you in buidling web presence and a worthy website. The five directions are as follows:set the goals that you want to accomplish from building your website, make it search-engine-friendly by providing good content, remember to frequently maintain and improve it, you need to be aware of the new trends and technology on the web and lastly take advantage of potential advancements on the web.
How to Develop an Effective Web Presence (EWP)

Now that the elements of creating an effective web presence has been covered, the last area to cover is the audience. The questions that arise are “why will our audience visit the site? What information or resources are they looking for? What do I want visitors to see/do before they leave the site? How can I provide useful information on a regular basis to become a trusted resource for my customers?” By answering these questions, it will provide a general understanding about how to reach your target audience. Simple web-based surveys or snail mail questionnaires can help but be as specific as possible. After collecting the data from the surveys, analyze the information and compare it with your current site to see if its consistent because sometimes what you think is important may not be as important to customers. Lastly, look at your competitors’ sites and see what they offer that you should consider providing your customers? Catering a site direct towards your audience is not easy so understanding your visitors’ needs is definitely required to creating an effective web presence.
Web Driven

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