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Web analytics is an element of online business that has been growing over the last 6 years and is being widely used for online marketing. In simple terms, it is the process of gathering stats about the actions of people accessing your website; hence, useful information can be drawn out from the data to improve the website. The data is used to help enhance the main components of online businesses, which are marketing, merchandising, and site design so marketers will regularly use this data to figure out if the marketing budget are spent are doing well. Managers can use the data to identify which products or content persuade visitors to stay on the site longer. The most frequent use of web analytics data is probably the fall-out reporting. An example of this is the checkout process in an effort to recognize why visitors end the process prior to completion.
More info on what Web Analytics is?

In even simpler terms, Web Analytics concerns itself with what goes on inside a particular web site. If you own a website that offers a service or product, you might ask yourself “how successful are you at attracting valuable visitors? Once an individual becomes a visitor, what do they do? Where do they go? How easily can they accomplish what they want and what you want them to? Companies need some way to measure whether their website design and development efforts are worth the trouble.”
The basics of what is Web Analytics?

To gain more valuable customers, you must look at your hits and impressions. A hit is classified as a individual demand for any item on your website, which can include images, audio, video, downloads, and anything else that you allow visitors to gain access to. The sum of impressions is the number of times an advertisement has been seen so when there are requests for a specific item are counted, these hits specify how many times the item was seen. From this, we can tell how well our website is doing in terms of attracting customers and what they view on the site. One of the most general methods for increasing visits and requesting data in is to arrange your web server to transmit out a session cookie. Cookies are information that visitors store on your site with their browsers so with a well configured server and web analytic software, you can even use these cookies to find out what each visit comprises of.
Web Analytic Tutorial

In addition, the data used by the webiste servers can be utilized to help improve web site design, measure effectiveness of the site’s layout and advertising operations, and more. The tools provided by web analytic softwares are becoming more advanced, where extensive information can be gathered about each individual web site visitor; thus, the analysis of web activity will only continue to become more sophisticated in the future.
Overview of Web Analytics

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