Blog #1 – Trust, permission, and relationship building in online marketing

In Tuesday’s lecture, we focused on some characteristics of environmental factors that affects online marketing.  According to for 2007, about 19.2 million Canadians aged 16 and older, surf the Internet for personal use and this was up from roughly over two-thirds since the last survey was conducted in 2005. This shows that as we continue to progress through the years, the Internet is becoming more prominent and neccessary in the lifestyles of adolescents and adults. With that being said, its not surprising that high speed Internet is more popular and prevalent in the homes of Internet users so marketers of any Internet service provider should continue to emphasize high speed Internet connections. Although people ages 16-24 uses the Internet a lot more than people age 65 and older, this elderly market is increasingly growing at a rapid rate so marketers should focus on finding ways to appeal more to this age section.
Click here for info from statscan.

Since more and more people are going online, marketers use cookies to allow them to collect information from Internet users. By using cookies, they can service and gather accurate information better from the site’s visitors. Although, cookies allow easier navigation on the web, it causes many concerns for Internet users regarding disclosure of personal information and invasion of privacy.
How Internet Cookies Work.

The question now is what can Internet users do to protect themselves? First off, before submitting personal information, Internet users should read the Web site privacy policies and ask if they do not understand it. Try to minimize the amount of personal information and don’t provide more than what is needed. Its also very important to only use secure, encrypted websites when making transactions such as Internet purchases or online banking and try to remember to clear your cookies once in a while. Lastly, install firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spyware  and other security software so that way your computer is fully protected.
Protecting Your Privacy on the Internet.

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